Rio Dipladenia

Sparkling and vibrant, Rio Dipladenia is also known as Rio Mandevilla. This tropical plant from South America has a bushy habit and is ideal for bringing an exotic touch to patio pots, window boxes, other containers and bedding schemes.

This star of the garden is remarkable for its extra-large flowers, complemented by glossy, dark green foliage. Available in different colors and different sizes, hot colors are perfect for creating ‘hotspots’ while the softer colors add a cool, elegant touch to displays.

You will be delighted with how easy it is to care for Rio given its heatproof and drought tolerant performance. Have a look on plant care tips for more details.

A compact to big grower, Rio Dipladenia is particularly free-flowering. Early to bloom, it creates a long-lasting, eye-catching display from May right through to the first frosts of autumn.