Yes, of course. Rio Dipladenia is a summer-flowering plant which really likes to be outside. In full sun, where it will flower quickly and profusely. It will produce an impressive show with glowing colours.

A warm position in full sun is ideal for a long flowering season.

Rio Dipladenia will flower freely outside from late spring right through to autumn.

Yes, definitely.  Rio has a compact, upright habit, making it the perfect plant in patio containers and window boxes.

Yes, it is good in beds.  Add a little fertiliser at planting time to give plants a ‘flying start’.  Regular feeding and occasional watering through the summer will give a really fine display. In full sun it will look fantastic!

In beds, Rio looks great planted with a wide range of other flowers. It will certainly bring a touch of exuberance. In containers, Rio is best planted on its own for a truly stunning display.

Rio Dipladenia really likes hot weather and has excellent drought-tolerance. Water your Rio occasionally, when the soil begins dry, plus feed regularly to give good flower colour and prolonged blooming. Having said that, it will still thrive if you sometimes forget to water!

No, Rio doesn’t need to be pruned.

Unfortunately, as Rio Dipladenia is a tropical plant, it will not tolerate temperatures below 5°C. The good news is it will be available in garden centres again the following spring.

Depending on growing conditions and container size, Rio Dipladenia’s height is usually 30-50cm. Its large flowers can reach 10 cm across.